Agromisa publications

Agromisa produces practical oriented and easy to read publications for small scale farmers, staff of agricultural service providers and development workers.

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Agromisa publishes the Agrodok series, a series of practical, easy-to-read and low-priced publications for small-scale farmers, staff of agricultural service providers and development workers.

Handbooks in the Agrodok combine new insights and hands-on experiences. They deal with plant and animal production, soil and water conservation and the storage, processing and marketing of agricultural products. Each publication provides both a theoretical background and a clear description of the practical aspects and applications of the subject.

All Agrodoks are published in English and French and most of them also in Portuguese. Two titles are available in Swahili as well. Here you will find the complete Agrodok list 2016.

Agromisa co-publishes the Agrodok series together with the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA). Organisations in ACP-countries (African, Caribbean and Pacific States) can subscribe at CTA and order the Agrodoks for free HERE.

Next to the Agrodok series, Agromisa also provides other publications:

  • AgroSource series, educational material meant for vocational training in agriculture
  • AgroSpecial series, publications that cover specialist topics in agricultural policy, rural development and good practices
  • AgroBriefs, short articles of 4-14 pages on a specific agricultural topic

Agromisa also offers the Prota series, developed by Prota. The Prota publications disclose a wealth of dispersed knowledge on plant resources for education, extension, research and industry.

Are you looking for more specific material?

Agromisa can produce tailor made products for specific situations like agricultural education, farmer groups, local translations or otherwise locally adapted material. This could be in the form of curriculum development, worked out lessons and teacher instructions, posters, farmer study group material, technical briefs etc. The use of Agrodoks as a basis for developing your own material or even local redistribution of complete Agrodoks can also be discussed. Please contact us for further information and/or for a tailor made quote.