Protected cultivation


In many circumstances it is useful to protect crops from the weather. The sun could be too hot, the rains too fierce, the day too short, the temperature too low. This booklet assists you to solve those problems with, greenhouses and shade screens. These can be applied where circumstances (like climate, soil, water, infrastructure) are unfavourable.

In the simplest way, greenhouses are just a sheet of transparent plastic on the soil. It raises the temperature under it, and retains the moist. This improves the germination of seeds. As plastic film is very cheap, with very little investment small farmers can work more intensively and efficiently. Shade screens are just as cheap: they can easily be constructed by using branches or straw.

Adding some structure gives the growing plants more room and protection against wind, rain or sun. A tunnel can be constructed with hoops; in a solid construction ventilation, temperature and moist are even more controllable.

Detailed instructions for building greenhouses and shade screens. Control of temperature and water supply, and types of crops suitable for greenhouses and the financial turnover.

The appendix gives climate tables for six regions. A list of literature and of useful addresses concludes the booklet.

Sample PDF: Protected cultivation

No. of pages: 82

Published: 2004