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The AgroSource Series consists of educational materials for agriculture and animal husbandry in warm climate zones. The educational materials are developed in close cooperation with people who are (or have been) active in the field in the tropics and subtropics. The materials are primarily intended for classroom use, but several titles, particularly on farm economics and animal husbandry, can also be used for self-tuition. The materials focus on practical instruction. In general, the practical exercises described in the texts require little equipment or materials. All the texts and audio-visual materials are in English unless stated otherwise. These materials were originally published and distributed by STOAS, but can now be ordered directly through Agromisa.

The lowest prices stated here indicate the price for the complete PDF version (if available), the highest for the book version. Please check the ‘version’ box on the product page to indicate whether you like to have the digital version or the hard-copy.