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Foto werkplekkenmarkt 2 (2)AREAS Hogeschool in Wageningen specialises in training students who will later work in the ‘green’ sector. One of its programmes is a bachelor in education; Agromisa was again invited to take part in the Hogeschool’s annual werkplekkenmarkt (workplace market).

Schools, companies and farming organisation were amongst those who sent representatives to the market. Like Agromisa, the main objective of these organisations is to stimulate the communication of information that can raise environmental awareness in agricultural, commercial and educational sectors.

In 2014, Agromisa worked with two groups of first year AERES students and supervised the development of lesson materials suitable for secondary school agricultural science courses in Africa. Students prepared lesson materials and teachers’ manuals using Agrodok handbooks that best reflected their own experience and interests.

This year, teaching materials including the visual aids AERES students had designed to stimulate interactive teaching, information about Agromisa, its publications and its work with educational organisations in Afghanistan and Uganda, were available to students on the Agromisa’s werkplekkenmarkt stand.

Marilyn Minderhoud was there to answer questions and to find out more about students’ interests. It was a busy three hours. Students were curious to learn more about Agromisa’s involvement in agricultural education and how this could lead to possible internships.

If students decide to form a group and take up an internship with Agromisa, the project will run from February 2017 to June 2017.

2 Commentaires sur “Enthusiastic reactions to internship at Agromisa

  1. Julius says:

    Dear Sir, I wish to join a group and take up an internship with Agromisa. But, I am currently in Nigeria. I love to participate in this project.

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