Working with AgroCares: Precision farming and food production

Angelique van Helvoort is teamleader Marketing and Communication for AgroCares. As an organisation AgroCares is primarily concerned with providing information that can support food production. Read more about the work of AgroCares in an interview with Angelique van Helvoort.

Interview: Healthy plants to feed a healthy world

  Healthy plants to feed a healthy world  The EU Framework Directive, 2009 – commonly known as the EU pesticide package -imposes all member states to develop National Action Plans that require those who use pesticides in their commercial activities to apply the principals of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Dr Willem Jan de Kogel, WUR […]

Aquaculture: Improving nutrition, food security and incomes in small-scale farming communities

Aquaculture: Improving nutrition, food security and incomes in small-scale farming communities Aquaculture or fish farming is currently receiving considerable attention in tropical and sub-tropical countries. In Kenya, for example, wild fish stocks in Lake Victoria have decreased as a result of pollution and eutrophication and tilapia – the most popular freshwater fish in Kenya – […]

Sabdiyo Dido Bashuna: working to develop smallholders’ agribusiness skills and capacities

Since she joined the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in Wageningen as Senior Technical Advisor Agribusiness and Value Chains in December 2016, Sabdiyo Dido has been involved in the implementation of one of the organisation’s key objectives. Together with her CTA colleagues she is working to facilitate smallholder farmers and agri-businesses develop […]


Since some time Agromisa is facing a problem with the webshop.  According to the message clients get after filling in the order form “shipping methods are required“. We are working hard to get this problem solved. In the mean time you can order publications by sending us an e-mail with the titles you would like to order. […]

AERES students prepare educational materials for schools South Africa

Four students from the AERES Hoge School (formerly STOAS) in Wageningen are developing materials that can be used in class and on school farms in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. This Agromisa assignment is part of their study programme. The students – Janneke Timmerman, Carli Harteman, Berber Wiersema and Nicholai Boddou are following the Education and […]

Agromisa Consultation Meeting March 2017

Agromisa Consultation Meeting On 8 March 2017, Agromisa had a meeting with a group of 29 volunteers to brainstorm about new ideas for the future of the organisation.  Bringing people with different backgrounds and experiences together generated dynamic discussions and many interesting ideas emerged. The meeting also had an important social function and strengthened the […]

UN’s Decade of Action on Nutrition 2015-2025

The main aim of the UN’s Decade of Action on Nutrition 2015-2025 is to work with international and national organisations to promote technologies and practices that support sustainable food production and protect the livelihoods of rural households. The UN advocates a food systems approach which includes taking into account the way the processing, storage, transportation, […]

Enthusiastic reactions to internship at Agromisa

AREAS Hogeschool in Wageningen specialises in training students who will later work in the ‘green’ sector. One of its programmes is a bachelor in education; Agromisa was again invited to take part in the Hogeschool’s annual werkplekkenmarkt (workplace market). Schools, companies and farming organisation were amongst those who sent representatives to the market. Like Agromisa, […]

PROTA: The database & the books

PROTA developed an interactive data base on the internet and a series of impressive books with the same content, most of them with an CD-ROM enclosed. Added to that are two books that give an overview of the work. These eleven books are: PROTA 1: Cereals and pulses / Céréales et légumes secs PROTA 2: […]