Connect to Uganda

Agromisa is involved in the Connect to Uganda (C2U) project initiated by AOC Oost, Windesheim Honours College, the municipality of Deventer and two Ugandan NGOs – Up4S and Kinderen voor Uganda. C2U focuses on increasing the food security of small-scale farming communities by improving the agricultural education at school level. In 2013, AOC Oost asked Agromisa if it would provide advice on tropical agricultural for a project in the Bukomansimbi district of Southern Uganda. The aim was to stimulate agricultural and economic development via school farms and micro-agricultural business projects. Improved agricultural and vocational training was needed to achieve these goals. One of Agromisa’s contributions would be to help develop a sustainable school farm that would not only provide nutritious food for school pupils and also provide opportunities for school leavers to follow vocational training in agriculture. In addition Agromisa was asked to develop lesson and teaching materials for school children and vocational training materials for young people and local farmers.

In 2014, seven students following the Academic Consultancy Training (ACTs) programme at WUR spent three months designing a permaculture school farm for Hoys College, Bukomansimbi, a college with considerable rural outreach. The students produced a comprehensive report together with a series of maps designed to show how the school farm should be developed in order to stimulate learning and income generation. Since 2015, Agromisa has been participating in the WhatsApp group that provides technical and educational input to further facilitate the development of this school farm. Also in 2015, Agromisa in cooperation with AOC Oost, arranged and supervised the internship of a STOAS student at Hoy’s College. Over a period of five months the student did research into local bee-keeping practices and – using the Agrodok handbook “Bee-keeping in the Tropics” – prepared a vocation-orientated course on bee-keeping for school use.