Sustainable International Learning Community

The concept of a Sustainable International Learning Community (SILC) developed as a result of the experiences of Agromisa, AOC Oost and Windesheim Honours College in Uganda. SILC stresses the importance of a “community” approach when working on agricultural education projects. Such a “community” can create synergy by bringing together (international) educational institutes, local government and local agribusiness to stimulate students and provide them with skills needed to generate an income in the food and agribusiness sector. Agromisa is currently working on this project and is prepared to offer services such as helping students develop the skills needed to adapt their knowledge to practical situations; working to standardise curricula; designing interactive teaching methods and co-operating with students and experts of different cultures and background to develop and new Agrodok-based materials.

Early in 2016, Agromisa volunteers Marg Leijden and Cris de Klein – both of whom had also worked on the Afghanistan project organized a Master Class at the Radbout University, Nijmegen for students, teachers and policy makers where the concept of SILC was introduced and discussed.