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PROTA 11 deals with the medicinal plants of Tropical Africa. Because the group is very large, it has been subdivided into 4 volumes. In PROTA 11(1), published in 2008, a total of 894 medicinal plants, belonging to a selection of 29 botanical families, were described in 406 review articles.

This volume, PROTA 11(2), describes 409 medicinal plants in 146 review articles. All articles are illustrated with geographic distribution maps and many with botanical line drawings.

Optionally the book can be accompanied by a CD that facilitates easy searching through the texts and contains in addition numerous photographs.

No. of pages: 384
Published: 2013

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  1. This book will enable readers to learn about, and will aid research, on African medicinal plants, enabling a range of issues that are associated with medicinal plant use to be considered.

    M.J.R. Howes in BOTANICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY 179: 546–547 (2015)

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