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Dairy cattle husbandry



This well-illustrated Agrodok provides information about the main aspects of dairy farming in the tropics such as feeding, breeding, health care and reproduction. It is intended to help smallholders who are planning to start or want to increase milk production. The authors show how improved management and genetic improvement of existing herds can help increase milk production. Keeping dairy cows is labour intensive and cows are expensive and vulnerable animals. Milk is also a very perishable product. Farmers not only need knowledge, skills and management capacities they must also be able to rely on a well organized infrastructure and support service. This handbook covers all these issues and includes detailed information on feeding, health diseases and reproduction. Attention is also given to the rearing of calves and young stock as well as clean milk production.

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No. of pages: 80

Published: 2008

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English, French, Portuguese


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