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Preservation of fish and meat
Code: AD12E
Author: Brigitte Maas-van Berkel, Brigiet van den Boogaard, Corlien Heijnen
Editor: Marja de Goffau-Markusse
Illustrator: Barbera Oranje
Price: € 10.00
Publication Year: 2004
Pages: 86
Edition: 3rd
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Fresh fish and meat will spoil quickly. This Agrodok deals with several preservation methods to extend storage life of these products, so that they can be consumed in times when food is scarce. The emphasis is on small-scale techniques, to inform individuals how to process and store their fish and meat. The introduction deals with the principles of preventing spoilage. Next, this Agrodok describes the following preservation methods: salting, drying and smoking of fish and meat; fermentation of fish; canning of fish and meat; and cooling and freezing fish and meat. This Agrodok pays special attention to the question of which method to choose given the local conditions. It emphasizes the importance of good hygiene when handling fish and meat. It also pays attention to the preparation of the preserved products for consumption.

Keywords: Preservation techniques, food processing, spoilage prevention

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