UN’s Decade of Action on Nutrition 2015-2025

The main aim of the UN’s Decade of Action on Nutrition 2015-2025 is to work with international and national organisations to promote technologies and practices that support sustainable food production and protect the livelihoods of rural households. The UN advocates a food systems approach which includes taking into account the way the processing, storage, transportation, […]


Symposium Antibiotic resistance and current livestock practices

This statement was in the title of the symposium Together strong for a reduction in antibiotics and a more natural approach to livestock farming, organised by Natuurlijke Veehouderij (Natural Livestock Farming) in Zwolle in November 2016. The conference hall was packed with farmers, farmers’ representatives, researchers and students from Wageningen University as well as staff […]


Enthusiastic reactions to internship at Agromisa

AREAS Hogeschool in Wageningen specialises in training students who will later work in the ‘green’ sector. One of its programmes is a bachelor in education; Agromisa was again invited to take part in the Hogeschool’s annual werkplekkenmarkt (workplace market). Schools, companies and farming organisation were amongst those who sent representatives to the market. Like Agromisa, […]


Nepalese translation of Agrodok on Organic Farming

Entering the organic market Agromisa has many handbooks designed to support the farming practices of small-scale farmers. It also has handbooks that deal with more commercial and marketing aspects. One of these attracted the attention of a tea growers’ federation in Nepal: Entering the organic market. This Agrodok 48 describes how the organic market operates […]


Symposium ‘ICT and digitalisation in livestock keeping in the South’

What:  Symposium ‘ICT and digitalisation in livestock keeping in the South’            Where: Espace Jacqmotte, Brussels, Belgium When:   14/11/2016   This symposium is organised by the Belgian Platform on tropical animal health and production. Stories from the field, epidemiosurveillance, early warning systems with pastoralists, grazing management and assessment in relation to digitalisation are on the programme. Click here […]