Afghan-Dutch Technical, Vocational and Educational Training Project

Since 2011, Agromisa has been working with WUR’s Centre for Development and Innovation (CDI) on the Afghan-Dutch Technical, Vocational and Educational Training Project (ATVET). Agricultural production in Alfghanistan had been seriously disrupted as a result of the war and the country that had once been a net exporter of agricultural products had become heavily dependent on imports and food aid.

The aim of the ATVET project is to contribute to building up Alfghanistans agricultural capacity by stimulating agricultural education. This involved setting-up an agricultural teachers training college, increasing the number of agricultural high schools and developing curricula and interactive lesson materials for in-service teachers. At the beginning of the project Agromisa prepared two basic documents setting the context for curriculum development: “Afghan markets and chains” and “Land and Water”. Students and subject matter specialists from WUR, VHL and STOAS have been working with Agromisa to identify and develop the materials needed. During the project a “Manual for interactive teaching” has also been drawn up.

By 2016, over 20 lesson modules on topics in the field of agriculture economics, crop production, animal husbandry et cetera, have been finalised using information partially derived from Agromisa’s handbooks.