New Agromisa website to be launched soon

Agromisa is working hard on the development of a new website. We hope that this website will be in the air before August 2016.


Prota books available through new Agromisa website

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The purpose of Prota -Plant Resources of Tropical Africa- is to make available the wealth of dispersed knowledge on plant resources for education, extension, research and industry through, among others, books & CD-roms.

The available Prota books can be ordered in English or French and with or without CD-rom.
Clients from Developing Countries (UN list) get a 50% discount on the retail price.

The Prota books will be available through the new Agromisa website, but if you wish to order before, please send an e-mail to stating the title(s) you require.

Payment instructions are equal to those valid for Agromisa publications.

A list and prices of the books can be found here. **********************************

Beef production in the tropics: a new Agromisa handbook


Currently Agromisa is working on an Agrodok that deals with beef production in the tropics. The author, Gijs den Hertog, stresses the need to understand the physical and nutritional needs of the herd and discusses the factors that inhibit reproduction and growth. Read more on this new Agrodok.


A new approach to developing Agrodoks

For the development of new Agrodoks it was decided this should be preceded by a feasibility study to identify:
  • the demand for this type of information within the Agrodok target group;
  • the organisations that need these publications and who actually use them;
  • where Agromisa can find the funding needed for the development and publication of new titles

Agromisa has approached students studying agricultural and communication subjects at WUR, VHL and STOAS to find answers to these questions.

Read more on the feasibility study of a new Agrodok on leafy vegetables.